Respectfully taken from their Etsy store.

Linnaeus Cosmetics is a company currently selling through Etsy that is planning to launch an independent website on May 14, 2011. They sell vegan mineral eyeshadow in both sample sizes (1/4 teaspoon in baggies) and full sizes (5 gram jars with sifters). The company is run by Marin, who gets inspiration for her eyeshadows from different forms of wildlife. These shadows are available for individual purchase, as well as purchase in three-to-four piece full-size collections. Linnaeus cosmetics has a company blog and Facebook page.

Reviews & SwatchesEdit

The below are available reviews of Linnaeus Cosmetics's products, company and customer service, along with looks and product swatches. These are currently sorted alphabetically and by category.

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Would Not Buy AgainEdit

Feel free to add any suitable reviews to this category.


Feel free to add any suitable reviews to this category.

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